Additions / Replacement / Cancellation

Film Code Changes Type Update Date
Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy
19IS3M2D Due to the delay of arrival of the digital copy, the screening of PIAZZA FONTANA: THE ITALIAN CONSPIRACY (19IS3M2D) on 19 March, 3:00pm at UA iSQUARE will be held with a DVD copy of the film instead. You may choose to watch the film in sub-par quality or request a refund. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Replacement 15-03-2013
The Deep
01SM4M1 Additional screening of The Deep (01SM4M1) will be held on 1 April at Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall. Additions 21-02-2013
The Deep
01CT4M2 The screening of The Deep (01CT4M2) is cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstance. Cancellation 21-02-2013
18SM3E2, 30SM3E1 Additional screenings of Linsanity (18SM3E2, 30SM3E1) will be shown on 18 March and 30 March at Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall. Additions 21-02-2013
After Lucia
25GC3E2A Additional screening of After Lucia (25GC3E2A) will be held on 25 March at The Grand Cinema. Additions 21-02-2013
After Lucia
18SM3E2 The screening of After Lucia (18SM3E2) is cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstance. Cancellation 21-02-2013

At the time when this booking folder goes to print, most of the films have not been submitted to the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration. In case that a film is subsequently classified as Category III, refunds will be made to ticket holders under 18 years of age who buy tickets before the announcement. Forms for refund application will be available from the day of announcement until 30 April 2013 at HK Cultural Centre, HK City Hall, and the box offices of the screening venues. You may also download the forms from the Festival website here. Completed application forms should be returned by post to the Hong Kong International Film Festival Office (21/F, Millennium City 3, 370 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong) on or before 30 April 2013, with the subject “Refund Application” on envelope. Refund cheques of the net amount of ticket will be sent to ticket holders by post (Other charges will not be refunded).

In case of unavoidable necessity, The Hong Kong International Film Festival reserves the right to alter programmes without prior notice. Late entries, screening cancellations or alterations will be announced on the Festival website and at the screening venues.

For alterations or cancellations of screenings, refund policies are the same as aforementioned. Ticket holders may also choose to attend a screening of a replacement film at the same time slot. Under no circumstances other than the cancellation or the alteration of programmes can tickets be refunded. Refund applications are also not available for all completed screenings.