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Our new year-round programme HKIFF Cine Fan has launched! Find out more NOW and grab tickets to see the classics!

Financially supported by the Hong Kong Film Development Fund and based at agnès b. CINEMA at Hong Kong Arts Centre, the monthly HKIFF Cine Fan programme showcases the best in world cinema, past and present – including tributes to masters, digitally restored classics, indies, genre films, and more. Filmmakers and critics – both local and overseas – will be invited regularly to attend meet-the-audience sessions, conduct seminars and post-screening talks to facilitate cultural exchange across borders.

The first edition of the programme will run from 5 April – 19 May, with two extensive showcases. One is on Italy’s world-famous directing and screenwriting duo, Paolo & Vittorio TAVIANI, featuring eleven of their works such as Padre Padrone (1977), Night of the Shooting Stars (1982), Good Morning, Babylon (1987), Night Sun (1990) and Caesar Must Die (2012).

In addition, the Cine Fan programme features a retrospective tribute to French film pioneer and film essayist Chris MARKER who died in July 2012. With selections ranging from the rarely seen Sunday in Peking (1957) to his classic La Jetée (1963) and much acclaimed Sans Soleil (1983), the programme also includes a documentary essay on this enigmatic filmmaker who was obsessed with not being photographed and avoiding the media. To Chris Marker, An Unsent Letter, directed by Emmy-award winning filmmaker Emiko OMORI who worked with Marker early in her career in San Francisco Bay Area, provides a perfect complement to his rich and edifying work. She will be in town to meet the audience.

Other highlights include four hidden gems from the late Shochiku master KINOSHITA Keisuke, and four all-time classics of cinema, namely Tokyo Story (1953), Vertigo (1958), The Grand Illusion (1937) and Pigsty (1969). The full programme can be viewed at, while tickets can be booked online at or in-person at all URBTIX outlets.