General Information

Q: When will the 37th HKIFF be held?
A: The 37th HKIFF will run from 17 March to 2 April 2013.
Q: Ticket price of 37th HKIFF
A: See the list below:
3D Films / Shoah Part I / Part II HK$100
Opening Film  - Ip Man – the Final Fight HK$75

Ordinary and Weekend / Public Holiday Screenings at
HK Cultural Centre / UA Langham / UA iSQUARE / The Grand Cinema


Ordinary, Weekend/ Public Holiday Screenings at
HK Convention & Exhibition Centre (except Opening Film) /
HK City Hall / HK Science Museum / HK Space Museum /
HK Arts Centre / UA Cityplaza


Weekday Matinee Screenings
(Mondays - Fridays [except public holidays] film code ends with “D”)

Hong Kong Film Archive’s Contribution Screenings (film code ends with “R”) HK$40
Q: What is film code?
A: It contains the information of when and where the screening will be shown:
30 SP 3 M3
Date Venue Month Time
D / R*

*Weekday Matinee Screening/ HKFA Contribution Programme

Q: How can I know the Programme of the 37th HKIFF?
A: From February 21, you may either log on to access the entire public programme of 37 HKIFF OR get a booking folder from URBTIX Outlets, UA Cinema (Langham Place, Cityplaza, iSQUARE), The Grand Cinema, Tsimshatsui LCX, Harbour City, Time Square and Hong Kong Records (Limited Stocks).
Q: How do I select seats?
A: All screenings are free seating, except Hong Kong Film Archive Contribution Programmes. The computerized ticketing system will automatically assign the best available seat for audience. However, it is not guaranteed that seats will be adjacent.
Q: Why does the ticket price of Opening Films is higher than other screenings in HKCEC?
A: Due to limited seats and screening facilities requirement of the Opening Films, the ticket price of Opening Films is higher than other screenings in HKCEC.
Q: Why the ticket prices vary among venues?
A: Different venues have different screening facilities and based on the agreement we made with the venues we have to comply with the ticket prices agreed with them.
Q: Why there is no Part II programmes for 37th IFF?
A: Instead of the Part II programme, we are launching a year-round HKIFF Cine Fan Programme at the HK Arts Centre from April this year that allows movie lovers to enjoy festival viewing experience all year round. Latest information please go to our Society website

Priority Booking

Q: When is the Priority Booking Scheme for American Express Cardmembers?
A: American Express Centurion and Platinum Cardmembers can enjoy priority booking from 12 noon, 21 Feb 2013. Other eligible American Express Cardmembers can also enjoy it from 12 midnight, 22 Feb 2013. Priority booking can be made at the HKIFF official website ( It ends at 11:59pm on 22 Feb 2013.

Remark:Cardmembers cannot enjoy any discount for HKIFF tickets within the priority booking period.
Q: Why Priority Booking Cardmembers cannot enjoy any discount?
A: As Priority Booking Cardmembers already have the privilege of booking HKIFF tickets in advance, no special ticket discount will be offered during the priority booking stage. All other concessionary ticket discount and 10% bulk purchase discount will start on 23 Feb 2013, after the priority booking period.
Q: How to enjoy the Priority Booking privileges?
A: Customers may visit and enter their card number, expiry date and security code on the verification page. They will then be directed to select film programmes of the 37th HKIFF.
Q: Why only American Express Cardmembers can enjoy Priority Booking?
A: Past editions of HKIFF have also introduced different priority booking schemes with different partners. This year public sale will start from 23 Feb 2013.
Q: Is there any handling fee in the Priority Booking Scheme?
A: Yes. Handling fee is as follows:
  Service Fee per Ticket Maximum Capture per Transaction
Online Booking (except HKCEC screenings) HK$7 (Priority Booking) HK$35
(After Priority Booking) HK$23
HKIFF screenings at HKCEC - Online and Telephone Booking HK$10 (subject to an additional courier charge) N/A
HKIFF screenings at HKCEC - Counter Booking HK$5 N/A
Q: Why only 2 days for Priority Booking?
A: The HKIFF is Hong Kong’s largest film event and tickets are sold out quickly. As a non-profit organisation, the HKIFF strives to be fair to the general public by allowing as many people as possible to purchase tickets and enjoy the programme.
Q: Why “online” Priority Booking only?
A: The HKIFF strives to offer the best festival experience to help festivalgoers select and buy tickets to the HKIFF programmes. The official HKIFF website is an efficient and easy way to browse through hundreds of festival programmes and their screening information. The online ticketing system gives instant feedback on the availability of tickets and even provides previous transaction information that festivalgoers have already made. As American Express Credit Cardmembers can enjoy the privilege of purchasing tickets two days before the general public, we need their card information for eligibility verification.
Q: Any concessionary tickets for Priority booking?
A: NO concessionary tickets for priority booking during public sale. 40% discount will be offered to senior citizens aged 60 or above, persons with disabilities, full-time students and CSSA recipients.
Q: Why are there two ticketing systems?
A: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibiton Centre (HKCEC), one of our screening venues, restricts us to use HK Ticketing for ticketing service, while other government venues such as Hong Kong Cultural Centre requires URTBIX. Hence the use of two separate ticketing systems at the same time.

Note: Most films shown at the HKCEC will have their second screening at other government venues, and you may choose this second screening to avoid using another ticketing system.

After Priority Booking (Advance Booking & URBTIX Sale)

Q: How can I purchase tickets after the Priority Booking period?
A: See the list below:

For All except HKCEC screenings
Online   23/2/2013 10:00AM – 6/3/2013 @
Postal   23/2/2013 10:00AM – 1/3/2013

URBTIX Booking From 7/3/2013
(Daily, including public holidays 10:00am - 8:00pm)
URBTIX Outlets
Cityline CS Hotline : 2314 4228 (10:00am – 10:00pm, Mondays – Sundays)

Tickets of screenings at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre are available on HK Ticketing from 23 Feburary 2013 onwards
(Daily, including public holidays 10:00am - 8:00pm)
URBTIX Outlets

Q: What kinds of programmes can I book from HKIFF online advance booking?
A: You may book all HKIFF programmes from online advance booking, except HKCEC screenings.
Q: Ticket Discount?
A: 10% ticket discount
  • Paid by Eligible American Express Cards (Except Priority Booking period)
  • Each purchase of 20 standard tickets or above per transaction
    • A Free 37th HKIFF Main Catalogues

40% off Concessionary Tickets
  • Full-time Students, Senior Citizens, People with disabilities and CSSA recipients.
  • Half-priced concessionary tickets are offered for HKFA Programme.
Q: American Express Cards Ticket Discount after the PB period:
A: 10% Discount for Eligible Cards will be available
  • via HKIFF official website from 23 Feb 2013 to 6 Mar 2013
  • via postal booking from 23 Feb 2013 to 1 Mar 2013
  • via URBTIX outlets booking from 7 Mar 2013 onwards
  • via HK Ticketing (for screenings to be held at HKCEC only) from 23 Feb 2013 onwards
Q: How can I purchase VIP Pass or Super Value Pass?
A: A limited number of VIP Pass (HK$5,000) voucher is available through fax (2970 3011) and online booking. Super Value Pass (HK$3,000) vouchers are available during advance booking period (online and postal booking) and counter booking period (URBTIX counter, telephone and online booking). The Passes are sold to person aged 18 or above; they are non-transferable and good for one patron only.
  • VIP Pass receive priority admission for all screenings (NO guarantee seating once the sold-out screenings begins)
  • Super Value Pass (Admit to all non-sold out screenings, except Opening Films, Closing Film & Award Gala Screening)

*Please Click Here for details.
Q: I am not living in HK but I will be in HK during the Festival period. How can I make reservation of tickets before arriving HK?
A: You may place the order through the festival website at (from 10:00 of 23 Feb to 22:00 of 6 March 2013 {GMT +8}). Please refer to “Overseas Booking” Section in Booking Guide for details.
Q: Any Festival Festival’s Publications this year?
A: The 37th HKIFF Main Catalogue (HK$80)

Andrew Lau, Filmmaker in Focus (Not for Sale, only available for VIP Passholders and Face to Face applicants redemption.)

Catalogue sale will be available from 23 February. Redemption period starts from 17 March

Questions that Customers may come across when buying tickets

Q: How many tickets can I order in each transaction?
A: Maximum of 4 tickets for each show and a maximum total of 40 tickets can be purchased in each transaction.
Q: How much is the service charge of Cityline for Online Ticketing?
A: Handling fee for Internet booking is HK$7 per ticket, up to a maximum of HK$23 per order.
Q: What is “Verified By Visa”?
A: "Verified by Visa" is now available on CityLine website. If you are using a Visa card for payment, your issuing institution may verify your identity through "Verified by Visa".

You cannot complete the transaction if "Verified by Visa" fails to authenticate your identity. To avoid this, please visit Visa Website and contact your Visa card issuing institution to learn more about this new security feature.
Q: Where can I check the screening time and venue?
A: Please Click Here or check the “Programme Diary” page of the booking folder.
Q: Can I choose seats when buying Festival tickets?
A: All screenings offer free seating except Hong Kong Film Archive Contribution Programmes (film code ends with R). The computerized ticketing system will automatically assign the best available seat for audience. However, it is not guaranteed that seats will be adjacent.
Q: Disabled seating and special needs bookings?
A: For screening in HKCEC, please contact Hong Kong Ticketing Customer Services Representative at (852) 2922 8285. (Office hours: 9am to 6 pm (Mon-Fri), 9am to 1pm (Sat)).

For other session that happens in other venues, ticket for wheelchair access is available for sale through Urbtix and contact detail is required. Most of the venue staffs will assist you to use this facility.
Q: Where to check if the respective screening is full?
A: Patrons may check with URBTIX Ticketing Enquiry Hotline (Tel: 2734 9009) or through the “Ticket Sales” > “Full House Screenings” section of the Festival website.
Q: How do I know is there any English and/ or Chinese subtitles available?
A: General Policy: Unless otherwise stated, all films (except English-speaking films) are subtitled in English. For screenings with Chinese subtitle, it will be indicated on the “Programme Diary” page on the booking folder and along the programme synopsis on the festival website.
Q: Where can I get the latest information of HKIFF?
A: Latest information may be obtained through the Festival website (
Q: Where can I check if there is any change in screening time?
A: Any change in programme and schedule can be found in Festival website > “37th HKIFF” > “Programme Updates” section, or at the notice board of HKIFF’s screening venues and major ticketing outlets.
Q: How can customer get the ticket after reservation?
A: After the transaction is made online successfully, Cardmembers may choose to collect their tickets at Cityline Outlets two calendar days after the transaction, or to receive their tickets by post (approx 5 working days). For Cardmembers choosing HKCEC screenings, they may collect tickets at any HK Ticketing outlet or request courier delivery service to designated Hong Kong address (subject to an additional courier charge).
Q: If I encounter problems when buying tickets online, what should I do?
A: Please contact CityLine at or call 2314 4228 (10:00am – 8:00pm) for assistance.
Q: How to check online transaction detail?
A: Please contact CityLine via: E-mail: Customer Service Hotline: 2314 4228 (10:00AM – 8:00PM daily)
Q: The flow for loss / non-receipt of tickets
A: If Cardmembers do not receive tickets 7 working days after the transaction, please report to CityLine (Hong Kong) Limited at 2314 4228; for Cardmembers choosing HKCEC screenings, they may call HK ticketing at 3128 8288 within office hour for assistance. For Priority Booking, American Express will not take any liability and no refund can be arranged in case of any lost tickets.
Q: How‘s the refund process?
A: Normally all the tickets sold are not refundable unless the film is newly classified as Category III and the tickets were purchased before the announcement.

Please refer to “Refund & Programme Changes” Section in “Booking Guide” for details.
Q: Do I need to provide my proof of identity upon admission if I buy concessionary tickets?
A: Yes, please provide acceptable proof of identity upon admission
Q: I forget to bring my credit card used for transaction to screening venue. What should I do to collect the tickets I bought?
A: Please inform the staffs at the screening venue. After confirmation of your transaction record, you are allowed to watch the screening.
Q: If I have other enquiries, what should I do?
A: For enquiries on Priority booking and advance booking, please call CityLine at (+852) 2314 4228.

If you do not receive your tickets by 7 March through Postal Booking, please call (+852) 2734 9009.

For enquiries on booking HKCEC screenings, please call HK ticketing at (+852) 31 288 288.

For enquiries on booking HKCEC screenings, please call HK ticketing at (+852) 31 288 288.

For enquiries on the programme of the HKIFF, please send your questions to the HKIFF by email to The HKIFF staff will reply to your questions as soon as possible. During the office hours, Festivalgoers may also call (+852) 2970 3300 for assistance.